Moldova: Europe’s Poorest & Least Visited Country Gets Sunshine 300 Days A Year

by Mallika Khurana
Moldova: Europe’s Poorest & Least Visited Country Gets Sunshine 300 Days A Year

Moldova is a small and hidden land situated between Ukraine and Romania. It is a nation full of fascinating historical, cultural, and natural landmarks.  Want to take a unique international vacation this summer? Visit Moldova, a nation that receives relatively few visitors and is renowned for its wine industry and Orthodox monasteries. Here are some interesting facts about Moldova that will whet your appetite for travelling to this fascinating nation.

5 Interesting Things To Know About Moldova

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1. Moldova Is One Of The Poorest Countries In Europe

When we think of European vacations, we immediately think of lavish sites, cultural extravagance, and other rich elements. Well, not all European countries boast infinite glamour, and Moldova is one of them. With a gross domestic product per capita of $5,230 as per the 2021 records, it also has one of the lowest employment rates in the continent.

2. Wine Lovers Must Plan A Trip Here Soon

If you love wine as much as we do, Moldova has to be next on your travel list. Especially during summer vacation, it can make for an ideal holiday spot. Moldova’s climate, which boasts 300 days of sunshine annually, is perfect for agriculture, especially vineyards. These vineyards are not only valuable for tourists but also play a major role in the country’s economy. As per the government’s data, the wine industry makes up 3% of the GDP and 8% of exports in the country. 122,000 hectares of Moldovian land produce wine, which is exported to over 70 states in the world.

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3. The Majority Of People In Moldova Are Bilingual

Unlike most European countries, the majority of the population in Moldova is perfectly fluent in more than one language. With their Roman descent, the Moldovians regard Roman as their native language. The country’s history with Russia also had a prominent effect, and many Moldovians speak Russian. A minor population of the country also speaks Gagauz, a Turkic language.

4. The Bottle-Shaped Building Houses A Museum

Do you know Moldova has a museum dedicated to alcohol? Well, it does! Known as The Strongest Drinks Museum, it is located in a village called Tirnauca. The highlight of this museum has to be its architecture. Established in a bottle-like structure, this museum is a unique place to visit. This 28-meter spirit bottle is also regarded as the tallest bottle-shaped building in the world.

5. There Are Many Monasteries To Visit

Orheiul Vechi, or Old Orhei, is regarded as one of the most popular monasteries in Moldova. This 2000-year-old complex structure is unique and one of the top tourist spots.

Pack your bags and dedicate your European holiday to Moldova and its amazing culture!

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