Most Indians Overdose On Salt By 3 Grams As Per Latest Study; Here’s Why It’s Bad

Overdose on salt
by Tooba Shaikh

There are many studies which demonstrate the harmful effects that overconsumption of salt can have on a person’s health. In a recent study, it was revealed that most Indians overdose on salt by at least 3 grams. The study was published in the journal Nature Portfolio and is based on a sample survey which monitored around 3,000 adults Here are some of the most crucial findings of this particular study.

Most Indians Overdose On Salt By 3 Grams

Overdose on salt

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This recent study has revealed some interesting details about the salt intake in Indians. According to an article recently published by The Times Of India, this particular study was a part of the NCD Monitoring Survey. NCD stands for non-communicable diseases.

The survey monitored the amount of sodium in the urine of around 3,000 adults. Sodium is a key part of salt and hence its level is telling of a person’s salt intake. The study employed a globally standardised formula to estimate its findings.

The research found that Indians, on average, consume around eight grams of salt every day. This is three grams more than the recommended five-gram intake of salt. Further, it found that men had a higher intake of salt, averaging around 8.9 grams per day, than women, averaging around 7.9 grams per day.

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Here Is Why This Is Bad News For Us

The study also found that people who consumed tobacco had a higher intake of salt, averaging around 8.3 grams, than those who didn’t. People who were obese were found to have a daily salt consumption averaging around 9.2 grams which is higher than non-obese people.

Those with high blood pressure consumed an average of 8.5 grams of salt per day which is more than those who have normal blood pressure. In a post made by Dr. Prashant Mathur on X (formerly, Twitter), who led the study, reducing salt intake can help with blood pressure, and lower the risk of stroke, cancer, and chronic kidney disease.

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