Move Over La Tomatina, It’s Time To Soak In The Flavours Of Wine At Spain’s Haro Wine Festival

by Mallika Khurana
Move Over La Tomatina, It’s Time To Soak In The Flavours Of Wine At Spain’s Haro Wine Festival

The Batalla del Vino, also known as the Haro Wine Festival, is an annual event that takes place in the Spanish town of Haro in the La Rioja region. On June 29th, the celebration honours San Pedro, the town’s patron saint, on his feast day. The Haro Wine Festival attracts both locals and tourists as a unique and exciting event. It serves as a symbol of the region’s long history of winemaking and also celebrates joy, unity, and cultural heritage.

Head To Spain For Haro Wine Festival

haro wine festival spain
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The annual Haro Wine Festival, also known as “La Batalla del Vino” or the Wine Battle, takes place in the Spanish town of Haro in the La Rioja region. This festival’s origins can be traced back to a 17th-century border dispute between the two local wineries, Bilibio and La Vega. The winemakers decided to mark the boundary by dumping wine all over one another to put an end to their argument. This entertaining event gave rise to the tradition of the Wine Battle.

Participants assemble in the Haro town square to start the festival. People typically wear white clothing and tie red handkerchiefs around their necks to represent the colour of the wine. After the religious rites, the wine fight starts. Participants armed with buckets, water guns, sprayers, and traditional wineskins filled with wine engage in a friendly and joyous wine fight. A lively and colourful spectacle is produced as they pour wine all over one another.

Alongside the festivities, visitors can enjoy traditional food and indulge in wine-tasting events. People come together to celebrate the region’s winemaking heritage, share their love for wine, and create lasting memories. It’s a time for revelry, enjoyment, and a deep appreciation for the rich wine culture and traditions of the La Rioja region.

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This Is How You Can Reach Haro For The Festivities

haro wine fight spain
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Haro is located in the La Rioja region of northern Spain. Here are some ways to reach Haro:

  • By Air: The closest major airport to Haro is Bilbao Airport (BIO), which is approximately 90 kilometres away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a shuttle service to reach Haro. 
  • By Train: The nearest train station to Haro is in Logroño, which is well-connected to major cities in Spain. From Logroño, you can take a local train or bus to reach Haro.
  • By Bus: Haro has a bus station with regular bus services connecting it to other cities in Spain. You can check bus schedules and book tickets in advance.
  • By Car: If you prefer to drive, Haro is easily accessible by road. It is connected to major highways, and the journey from nearby cities like Bilbao or Logroño can take around an hour or less.

Once you reach Haro, you can explore the town on foot, as it is relatively small and compact. 

Where: Haro, Spain
When: 29th June 2023

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons