MS Dhoni Loves This Ranchi Eatery For Its Delicious Mutton Curry

MS Dhoni
by Shreya Ghosh

Mutton curry is a delectable non-vegetarian preparation and a favourite of most mutton lovers. With the richness of the gravy, the perfect softness of mutton pieces, and the aromatic flavours of Indian spices, this delicacy simply melts in our mouths. Well, I am a huge fan of this dish and won’t mind gorging on some right now. If you are in Ranchi, you surely need to try out mutton curry from this popular eatery. It is said the one and only MS Dhoni is a huge fan of this dish.

MS Dhoni Enjoys Mutton Curry From This Famous Food Joint In Ranchi

MS Dhoni

Picture credit- Canva

We all know that Dhoni spends a lot of time in his hometown after retiring from international cricket. And while staying in Ranchi, he loves enjoying delicious mutton curry from one of the most popular eateries in this city. Say hello to Sarna Hotel! Nestled in the bustling Daladili Sabji Market, you will understand the popularity of this eatery once you visit here. Spotting a huge crowd outside the food joint looks like a compulsion.

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For the people of Ranchi, this place is extremely well-known. If you want to relish a tempting plate of mutton curry while in this Jharkhand city, you definitely need to order some from Sarna Hotel. Not just among the locals, this place also has popularity in the neighbouring places as well.

The Demand For Mutton Curry At Ranchi’s Sarna Hotel Is EPIC!

MS Dhoni

Picture credit- Canva

From local residents to tourists to celebrities, this eatery is famous among everyone. The owner of this eatery, Peter shared with News 18 about the customer’s love for mutton curry from Sarna Hotel and MS Dhoni is also one of them. The mutton preparation tastes simply lip-smacking and people are lining outside the eatery just to relish the deliciousness. One of the most fascinating facts about Sarna Hotel is how the staff keeps clean and serves great-quality food to the customers. The rice and mutton curry combo is the biggest hit here!

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The next time you are visiting Ranchi, make sure to enjoy MS Dhoni’s favourite mutton curry in the city!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/M S Dhoni, Canva