MTHL Sewri Connector: The Four Lane Corridor To Serve As A Traffic Rerouting System

by Tooba Shaikh
MTHL Sewri Connector: The Four Lane Corridor To Serve As A Traffic Rerouting System

, and willThe Mumbai Trans Harbour Link or the MTHL is another one of the biggest infrastructure projects that is currently underway in the financial capital of the country. Once built, it will improve road connectivity in the city. It will also aid people who travel by road in getting from one corner of the city to another more quickly. It will also ease congestion and bottlenecking in many parts of the city. The MTHL Sewri Connector is being built for precisely that purpose.

MTHL Sewri Connector To Serve As A Traffic Rerouting System

The MTHL Sewri-Worli Elevated Connector or the SWEC will connect the Narayan Hardikar Marg in Worli to the Sewri interchange. Once it is completed, it will be 4.512 kilometres long and will operate as a traffic rerouting system to the MTHL.

It will also connect the eastern region of Mumbai to the western region of the city and will start from the Naryan Hardokar Marg and will pass through the Jagannath Bhatankar Marg and Acharya Donde Marg before finally connecting to the Sewri Interchange.

This elevated connector will have no signals to allow for a smooth flow of traffic. It will also have a road-over bridge or ROB at the Elphinstone railway station and the Sewri railway station.

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Other Details About The Project

According to an article recently published by Times Now, the project is being built at the cost of ₹1,051.86 crores by the MMRDA. On the connector, motorists can go as fast as 81 kilometres per hour. Although there will be multiple crucial outcomes due to the project, there are also some challenges.

For instance, the current ROB at the Elphinstone station, which is around 100 years old, will have to be demolished and rebuilt. The project also warranted the destruction of 850 slums in the Kamnagar region because of road expansion work. Around 19 buildings will also be demolished for its expansion. 

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