Mumbai: CSMIA’s ‘Lost & Found’ Dept Assisted Passengers To Find 7,571 Out Of 44,626 Lost Items

At Mumbai's CSMIA, the 'Lost & Found' department has assisted passengers to help find more than 7,000 lost items!

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai: CSMIA’s ‘Lost & Found’ Dept Assisted Passengers To Find 7,571 Out Of 44,626 Lost Items

Every day, hundreds of visitors pass through the busy hallways of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA), leaving a trail of possessions in their wake. At times like this, the CSMIA Lost & Found Department steps into the role of silent heroes, assiduously trying to reunite travellers with their misplaced belongings. With over 44,000 lost items in their custody, the department has assisted passengers to reunite with 7,571 items.

Mumbai: CSMIA’s Lost & Found Department Helped Passengers Find 7,571 Items

mumbai airport lost and found department
Credits: Wikimedia

A startling 44,626 misplaced items ended up in the capable hands of CSMIA’s Lost & Found Department in 2023. These items included priceless possessions as well as daily necessities. Of these misplaced items, 7,571 were successfully returned to the passengers, while 37,055 went unclaimed. The commitment of the Lost & Found personnel to keeping these items safe is still dependable and admirable.

The most popular categories of things discovered in the CSMIA’s Lost & Found department include headphones, batteries, eyeglasses, coats, and belts. In the same year, the department also noted an impressive total of 770 perishable items. The team’s attentiveness is demonstrated by the efficiency and care with which they handle such time-sensitive tasks.

The Lost & Found team aggressively attempts to contact travellers by finding their contact information on items— like wallets, mobile phones, AADHAR cards, and luggage— to stop travellers from leaving their belongings behind. The objects are quickly returned to their proper owner after their ownership has been confirmed. 

Up to 90 days are allowed for the retention of electronic items in the Lost & Found Department at CSMIA before they are turned over to the Customs Department. Electronic things are kept safely in lockers to protect them from theft. Other belongings like bags are carefully arranged with appropriate marking and tagging to reduce the possibility of damage to them.

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Assisting Passengers In Seamless & Tireless Journey

mumbai airport lost and found department
Credits: Wikimedia

The daily handling of lost and found items at CSMIA fuels the tireless efforts of the committed employees who stop at nothing to give passengers a safe and secure travel experience. At the CSMIA, multiple teams are on duty to assist travellers for a hassle-free and seamless journey.

Passengers can also contact the Terminal Operations Team at the following numbers for ‘lost & found’:

  • Terminal 1: +91 9930144272
  • Terminal 2: +91 9619050580, 08879992371

First Frozen Ready-to-serve Food Consignment:

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has reached a noteworthy milestone by skillfully handling its first shipment of frozen, ready-to-eat food items. This significant achievement highlights the commitment of the Mumbai Airport management to broadening its range of services and including a variety of product categories.

The smooth transit of extremely perishable South Indian treats from Mumbai to Amsterdam by KLM Flight 878 was orchestrated by CSMIA on November 9, 2023. This incredible accomplishment is a testament to the skills and commitment shown by CSMIA.

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