Mumbai & Delhi Will Need A 3rd Airport Soon

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by Kritika Kukreja 880

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As per the air traffic rates in the recent years, Mumbai and Delhi will definitely need a 3rd airport by 2040. 

What Is It?

At the Global Aviation Summit, the aviation ministry presented a vision for 2040 that said, metropolitan cities in India like Mumbai and Delhi will face a massive surge of passengers by 2040. In the coming years, it will rise up by 6 times and come up to 1.1 billion per year by 2040. According to the growth rate, India should have nearly 200 airports by 2040 with 3 functional airports in metropolitan cities. 

Mumbai & Delhi will need a 3rd airport soonMumbai & Delhi will need a 3rd airport soon

Mumbai & Delhi will need a 3rd airport soon

Navi Mumbai International Airport

Initially, the airport was supposed to launch by late 2019, but due to operational issues it has been pushed to 2020. To think of it, the project for the Navi Mumbai airport was proposed in 1997, but the construction wasn’t started till last year. For those waiting for their first flight out of Navi Mumbai International Airport, you will have to wait for a while longer.