Mumbai Police To Get Drones For Improved Safety Of Women

by Kritika Kukreja
Mumbai Police To Get Drones For Improved Safety Of Women

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In the rightful intention to protect Mumbai’s women, the police will be getting drones to keep an eye on the city.

What Is It?

The same company that provides drones to provide an aerial view for all cricket matches in the IPL, is now working with the Mumbai Police to establish aerial surveillance over the city. After a T20 drone found a woman’s dead body recently, the Mumbai Police decided to expand their surveillance. 

The drones will be supplied to the Mumbai Police within four months and initially, the drones will be used to keep an eye on the public during gatherings, political rallies, and festivals.

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Who Will Operate The Drones? 

The company supplying the drones, Quidich Innovation Lab (QIL), will be working closely with the Mumbai Police and training them to operate the drones. Once the training sessions are completed, the drones will be handed over to the Mumbai Police.

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Why Drones?

To amplify security for women in the city, the drones will be used. Along with helping women in distress, keeping an eye on the general public in risky areas after hours, the drones will be used to maintain regular law and order. 

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