Mumbai To Host India’s First International AVGC-XR Festival, AniMela; Dates & Details Inside

by Tejashee Kashyap
Mumbai To Host India’s First International AVGC-XR Festival, AniMela; Dates & Details Inside

In the dynamic landscape of entertainment, the convergence of animation, visual effects (VFX), gaming, comics, and extended reality (XR) has led to groundbreaking innovations and transformative experiences. A new chapter in the history of India’s AVGC-XR industry is upon us. The launch of AniMela marks the country’s first international festival dedicated to animation, visual effects, gaming, comics, and extended reality (AVGC-XR).

India’s First International AVGC-XR Festival


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From traditional hand-drawn animation to the advent of computer-generated imagery (CGI), the industry has undergone a paradigm shift. AniMela is the epic four-day festival held by the Aniverse & Visual Arts Foundation (AVAF). It will make its premiere in the heart of SoBo.

The festival features four days of fun-filled film screenings, knowledge-sharing sessions, immersive experience zones, comic book/graphic novel creators, and more to celebrate India’s creative prowess and technological strides in AVGC-XR, a much-needed platform to promote and claim India’s space in the international arena.

The AVAF has collaborated with the Government of India (Information and Broadcasting Ministry) and the Annecy International Animation Festival to bring AniMela to Mumbai from the 18th to the 21st of January 2024 at the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC).

AniMela is India’s route to revolutionising the AVGC-XR story, lifting the industry to its rightful international acclaim. The festival, which serves as a front-row seat to world-class animation created by burgeoning Indian talent, is more than just a celebration; it is India’s key moment in claiming its position in the global AVGC-XR environment.

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India In AVGC-XR Shift


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The event will include the following:

  • Film Festival – Featuring some of the world’s top animation film screenings and VFX behind-the-scenes, as well as international features.
  • Experiential Zone – Visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of booths and arcades. They can participate in exclusive demos of the latest in the gaming business at the video games zone.
  • Knowledge-sharing & Mentoring: Masterclasses, workshops, and panel discussions will be presented. They will be led by famous global professionals such as Luce Grosjean, Rajiv Chilaka, Academy Award-nominated Australian animator Lachlan Pendragon, and Isabel Herguera.
  • Networking: AniMela will provide networking lunches and dinners with foreign guests (studios, distributors, and buyers) from Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, and Japan, among others.

AniMela is bringing the acclaimed International MIFA Campus (IMC) to India. This will be to educate and nurture emerging Indian talent in this field. AVAF has received 60+ work-in-progress projects (feature, shorts, or series) from creators for evaluation as part of IMC. Five selected animation project holders will be invited to attend a four-day workshop led by renowned industry specialists from the Annecy Animation Festival from January 16th to 19th, 2024.

India has a plethora of untapped creative talent in the AVGC-XR arena. However, it is solely viewed as a powerhouse offering back-end support to huge studios in the West. However, it possesses enormous potential, creativity, and technological know-how. Looking ahead, the continued evolution of these interconnected realms promises even more exciting possibilities.

So, head to AniMela and unravel what India offers to the beckoning world of VFX, animation and more.

Where: NFDC, Mumbai
When: 18th to the 21st of January 2024

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