Mumbai’s Marine Drive Littered With 12 Tonnes Garbage As Sea Gives Back!

by Kritika Kukreja 2069

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The sea recently spit out 12 tonnes of garbage at Mumbai’s Marine Drive and the public continues to litter the city.

What Is It?

We all look at Marine Drive in Mumbai as an amazing landmark for a long walk along the coast line of the city or spend some time with the wind in your hair with bae. But that’s not the case now.

Image by India Today

A recent incident in Mumbai should work as a wake-up call for all Mumbaikars as well as the BMC who have consistently ignored the cleanliness of the city. Earlier this week, the sea spat out nearly 12 tonnes of garbage at Mumbai’s Marine Drive during a high tide. It will come as no surprise that most of the garbage was plastic waste and the Marine Drive residents seemed quite upset about the spillage.

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What Else? 

After this incident, the BMC has been really proactive about the beach clean-up programs across the city. They have started cleaning up each and every beach in the city and so far, gathered 215 tonnes from various beaches. 

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