Nad Al Hamar Bakery In Dubai Serves Everything Under AED 15

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Nad Al Hamar Bakery In Dubai Serves Everything Under AED 15

Dubai is synonymous with food and by that we don’t just mean the fancy fine dining restaurants. The city is flooded with a whole lot of tiny eateries which are known to serve the best food for years now. One such find is the Nad Al Hamar bakery- one of the most delicious and affordable bakeries in Dubai. The petite bakery is located in Nad Al Hamar avenue and dishes out some of the best breads and snacks. Plus, all the items on their menu is under AED 11.

Enjoy A Hearty Meal Under AED 15 At Nad Al Hamar Bakery

A tiny hole-in-the-wall bakery, Nad Al Hamar is just where you must head when you’re on a crunch, but want to eat yummy. The bakery is nestled in Nad Al Hamar avenue and is super famous for their Kheema and Halwa breads. Start off the binge with a traditional Tanoor Bread, priced at just AED 1. The bread is baked in a clay oven, also called a Tandoor. Have it as is or op for the one loaded with just for an extra AED 5.

Foodies can also enjoy a whole lot of other flavours with bread including bread with Zaatar (AED 5.50), bread with cheese and zaatar (AED 8), bread with chips and cheese (AED 6.50). If you wish to splurge a little more, opt for bread with Kheema and cheese for AED 15 or pick the one with Labneh and chips for AED 10.50. Recently, the bakery has also introduced the Samosa bread.

Wait, that’s not all! You can also enjoy sweet versions of the bread. Those with a sweet tooth must try bread with honey and cheese, bread with Nutella for AED 6.50 or bread with halwa for AED 13. Lastly, don’t leave without trying their homemade Karak. They also serve black coffee, in case you’re not a big fan of Karak.

And, the best part is that everything is made fresh to order and delivered straight to you car. So, when are you heading here?