Nagpur Gets Its Very First Robot Restaurant In The Form Of Robo 2.0

Nagpur Robot Restaurant
by Pratiksha
by Pratiksha 2090

It’s taking us some time to wrap our minds around the fact we are so close to 2020. Remember Back To The Future? The movie made quite a few predictions about the kind of technology humankind would be used by 2015. That included fingerprint recognition, wearable technology, self-tying shoes and even flying cars. So far all the assumptions have come true. With AI booming across the world, technology has progressed with leaps and bounds. After the very first robot restaurant opened up in Bangalore, it’s Nagpur’s turn. A small city that very recently got it’s first McDonald’s, it is really cool that they have a robot restaurant to boast about.

Nagpur Robot Restaurant

Image credits: Gourmet Musafir

Nagpur Gets A Robot Restaurant

Opening to the public fairly recently, Robo 2.0 has opened up in Eternity Mall in Nagpur. As of now, the restaurant has 3 robots, all of whom have made their way to India from Japan. Known to create the most humanoid robots, these Japanese robots have a very feminine body for that maternal touch. Stepping into the restaurant, you will feel like you are at a regular family restaurant. That is until you see a robot rolling up to you. Serving North Indian and Chinese cuisine, the orders are taken by waiters known as ‘captains’. Once you place your order, all you have to do is wait before one of the robots comes up to you to serve you your food. Not too quick and not too slow, these robots take their own sweet time to get to you before tilting the trays towards you so that you can take your dishes from them. Although they haven’t been named yet, soon you’ll be able to call them by their names too.

Nagpur Robot Restaurant

Image credits: Gourmet Musafir

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Coming to the food, the restaurant is limited when it comes to Chinese food but they serve quite a wide variety of North Indian dishes. We particularly loved the Paneer Parda and Tandoori Mushroom here which were absolutely delectable. But what makes the restaurant incredibly unique are the robots serving you. And they talk to you too! Say, you accidentally come in their way then they’ll ask you to move out of their way. So, these Robo ladies are pretty smart.

Nagpur robot restaurant

Image credits: Gourmet Musafir

And the restaurant has quite a few plans with them too. Come December, you will see them all decked up for Christmas. We suggest that you head to Nagpur right away to experience this unique restaurant.


Address: Robo 2.0, Shop S/2, S/3, Eternity Mall, Sitabuldi, Nagpur
Contact: +91 8037971551
Cost for 2: ₹800 for two people (approx.)
We recommend Paneer Parda, Tandoori Mushrooms

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