Nearly 1 Lakh Litres Of Fresh Beer Is Being Poured Into Drains Of NCR! Here’s Why!

by Suchismita Pal
Nearly 1 Lakh Litres Of Fresh Beer Is Being Poured Into Drains Of NCR! Here’s Why!

If you’re dying to have your favourite beer now, here’s a piece of sad news for you and we are weeping too. About 1 lakh litres of freshly brewed beer in the NCR are going straightaway into the drains. And it is something that couldn’t be helped either. Wondering why? Well, the sad story is below.

Why Did It Happen?

The life span of fresh beer, unlike bottled beer and other liquors, is much shorter. The breweries in the city had enough beer in store since the first lockdown. After the extension of the lockdown period, the barmen couldn’t preserve the liquids any longer and had to discharge them into the drains. Soi 7 in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon has already drained around 5000 litres of its brewed beer. Prankster, located in Sector 29, Gurgoan, had to throw away nearly 3000 litres. Overall, there are about 50+ microbreweries the NCR that are also struggling to meet ends.

Fresh Beer
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What Else?

Amid lockdown, the eateries are delivering food. The government is even thinking about opening the licensed liquor shops. These breweries are the ones that can face the maximum losses in the long run. Also, the owners of these breweries are gloomed by the uncertainty as to whether anyone would at all come to these places even after the lockdown is lifted. Everyone is scared about the virus spread and is thus maintaining social distancing. Even if the beers had to be preserved, it would require maintenance costs and manpower. But the inflow of money for maintenance has also stopped. On top of that, microbrewery licence fees per month cost in lakhs.

Fresh Beer
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The head of the Gurgaon Chapter of National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), Banga, has thus written to the excise department of the state to defer license renewal for six months. By saving the license and tax fees, the breweries might pay salaries to their stuff and at least survive. Apart from all these, the owners of these pubs are still waiting for the government to permit delivery of fresh beer in glass jugs, the way it’s happening in foreign countries.

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All that we can do now is to hope for the best to happen. If the deliveries are approved, we will not only be able to enjoy beer from our homes but can also indirectly prevent these breweries from going bankrupt.