Neeraj Chopra Talked About THE Moment He Won The Gold In The Olympics

by Mallika Khurana
Neeraj Chopra Talked About THE Moment He Won The Gold In The Olympics

Known for his humility just as much as his talent, Neeraj Chopra is rightly known as the Golden Boy. After his spectacular win at the 2020 Olympic Games for the javelin throw, he became the pride of the nation overnight. To share the amazing journey from choosing javelin to winning medals, he joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on this Sunday Brunch episode. Head to the video to learn all about it!

Neeraj Chopra Talked About The Iconic Olympic Win

After sharing his love for shoes with us, it was time to address the most glorious win of his life. His victory at the 2020 Olympics put him on the map and gave him immense popularity in the country. Since that day, each and every Indian knows of the gold medalist Neeraj Chopra. Aren’t you curious to know more about the moment he won that medal? Well, we were, and we asked him to describe in detail everything that went on that day.

He shared that winning the most honourable award in sports is every athlete’s dream, and that day, his dream came true. He revealed that his parents were at home in Haryana and watched him win on television. We didn’t even get the chance to talk to them until much later. His family even hosted 25-30 thousand people in their village and treated them to prasad to celebrate his win. This recognition made him immensely happy.

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This Is How His Life Changed Post The Victory

Neeraj Sunday Brunch
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Being awarded an Olympic gold medal is certainly a major accomplishment. Neeraj Chopra must have felt so much more delighted than the rest of the nation. He spoke about the victory and the significant changes in his life that had occurred as a result. He spoke of how much more easily everything went in his life and how much better he was able to concentrate on his sport.

It was undoubtedly a spectacular adventure, but now that he is famous, he is greeted by admirers everywhere. We were interested to know how he felt about it and how he handled it. Neeraj Chopra recognised the attention he is currently receiving and added that most of the people who contact him are other athletes who respect him. He values the affection he receives in Rudra, his village in Haryana, the most.

He went on to discuss his trips, his future aspirations, and a tonne more that you really must watch!

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