Nestle To Launch Vegan KitKat In The Second Half Of 2021

by Yogita Chainani
Nestle To Launch Vegan KitKat In The Second Half Of 2021

Dear vegans, it’s time to take a break, in fact, not a regular break but a KitKat break. Why so? Well, KitKat is all set to make you happy by launching a vegan KitKat this year. Yep, Nestle has announced it will launch the KitKat V later in 2021. And here’s everything you must know about this Vegan KitKat bar.

Vegan KitKat Will Bar Will Launch In The Second Half Of 2021

KitKat will not only be a bar of certified vegan chocolate but will also be made from 100 per cent sustainable cocoa. The sinful yet vegan KitKat will launch in several countries and will initially be available through the KitKat Chocolatory and selected retailers for a testing phase. Post that, it will be available for a global roll-out.


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In terms of the plant-based chocolate, it is developed in the UK by chocolate experts in Nestle’s confectionery research and development centre in York, the original home of KitKat. While, the exact ingredients of the product haven’t been announced yet, but the company has promised that it will deliver the perfect balance between the crispy wafer and smooth chocolate that people know and love.

The Plant-based Bar Will Be Made With 100 Per cent Sustainable Cocoa

On this, Alexander von Maillot, head of confectionery at Nestle, said,

“One of the most common requests we see on social media is for a vegan KitKat, so we’re delighted to be able to make that wish come true. I can’t wait for people to be able to try this amazingly tasty new KitKat.”

Well, while we are super duper excited about this, however, this is not the first that Nestle is launching something plant-based. The company has already launched products made from rice, oat, soy, coconut, pea and almonds, including ice cream, coffee creamers, cappuccinos, lattes, a range of cheese, burgers and even condensed milk.

We can’t wait for the Vegan KitKat, what are your thoughts on this?