5 New Art Installations In UAE That Will Blow Your Mind

by Shrestha Purkayastha
5 New Art Installations In UAE That Will Blow Your Mind

Art has been a vital tool for human expression, identity, and for meaning throughout history. And as the UAE looks ahead to its next phase of development, the arts are very much in focus. We have further jotted down 5 new art installations for you to understand the depth of creativity and its meaning in the UAE.

1. The Bean Bag By Artist Collective XPOZE 

Local and foreign artists’ work was on show at the first Al Hosn Festival. The installations were immersive and site-specific. Xpoze created three installations for the event, one of which being ‘The Bean Bag,’ which may be seen here.

Picture Credits: Luxurylaunches

2. Unheard Voices DO2 Ranim Al Halak

Unheard Voice is a lyrical immersion experience. The sculptures are made out of three-dimensional metal letters that, when combined with the sound of the poetic recitation, provide the audience with a multi-sensory experience. Al Halaky’s work has gone through two iterations, the first of which was a comparable sculpture without the auditory immersion.

Picture Credits: Architectural Design Middle East

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3. Shahad Alazzaz’s Saudi Pavilion For Abwab 2019

In Saudi Arabia, palm frond weaving is still a viable business. Women used to weave as part of their everyday activities, producing necessary household items such as food baskets, saddlebags, and floor coverings for their families. Traditional weaving traditions from the Kingdom’s rural communities serve as inspiration for the immersive pavilion. Empowering the beauty of one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular and authentic crafts.

Picture Credits: Architectural Digest Middle East

4. Deciduous By MEAN

Deciduous is a 30,000 recycled plastic bottle sculpture that was 3D printed. The installation was built by the architecture company MEAN* to emphasize the use of biophilic architecture and 3D printing as sustainable technology. The sculpture was on display at DIFC Art Nights 2019, which featured more than 50 international artists.

Picture Credits: aasararchitecture

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5. INFINITUM By Antonio Pio Saracino 

INFINITUM was shown during the 2019 Islamic Arts Festival. The immersive installation is inspired by mosques, with their arches and brickwork. The piece is a tribute to Islamic art and culture. As a metaphor for human civilization’s evolution, the rows of Columns and Arches offer the appearance of infinite space, enhancing spiritual symbolism and visual appeal – developing towards an ideal civilization. Pio Saracino is a character in the film Pio Saracino.

Picture Credits: aasararchitecture