New Two-Lane Road To Al Qudra Lakes Is Now Open

by Deeplata Garde
New Two-Lane Road To Al Qudra Lakes Is Now Open

A huge Dubai highway appears slated to open next month. It will double the traffic capacity and improve access to a number of popular Al Qudra desert sights. The RTA announced that a new route will connect Saih Al-Salam Road and Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park will open today (Tuesday, May 24). Saih Al-Dahal Road Improvement Project is the name of the project.

Expansion Of Dubai Roads To Access Al Qudra Lakes

All the lakes of Al Qudra will connect by this sole project. The lakes that fall under this project are heart-shaped Love Lake, Swan Lake, and Flamingo Lake.

A single-lane road serving the neighbourhood will be rebuilt by an 11-kilometre dual carriageway. It will have two lanes in each direction, a central reservation, and three roundabouts to help with traffic flow.

It’s the latest step in a comprehensive plan by transportation authorities to reduce traffic congestion. It will also improve road safety, and promote the area’s appeal as a tourist destination.

This road upgrade project, according to the RTA, will raise the current road capacity from 1800 to 4000 cars. This could improve traffic control for local residents. Its a hopeful decision for the visitors access to the Al Qudra Lakes area and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

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Other In-Process Road Projects

At the Dubai International Endurance Village, nine extra intersections, and four camel and horse crossings are in process. A cycling track, service roads, and parking spaces seem under construction. The project also includes widening the existing parking lot to improve traffic flow and safety.

Work on street lighting and rainwater drainage is underway. The cycling tracks of Saih Al-Dahl compasses bike racks, shaded places, and rest breaks. The 115km track has 10 rest areas along the cycling path.

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