No Cans Aboard! IndiGo Airlines Has Revised Its Snack Policy. Here’s What It Is!

by Shreya Rathod
No Cans Aboard! IndiGo Airlines Has Revised Its Snack Policy. Here’s What It Is!

Recently, a former Member of the Rajya Sabha, Swapan Dasgupta, has raised the issue about his experience of flying with IndiGo. He pointed out that it is obligatory to buy a snack while buying a beverage. After this, IndiGo revised its snack policy and gave a clarification for its snack policy in its statement.

IndiGo Has Revised Its Snack Policy

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The airline has stopped distributing beverages in cans, according to a spokeswoman on Tuesday. In order to provide customers with a quick, economical, and sustainable snack, IndiGo updated its offerings. They said that because it has prevented thousands of cans from being thrown away, the programme is in keeping with the airline’s mission to “Go Green.”

The airline does not specify when it stopped offering cans of beverages on its flights. However, IndiGo asserts that travellers may take advantage of a complimentary beverage with any onboard snack.

According to the statement, in the past, customers could get cashews (₹200) and a coke (₹100) for a total of ₹300. Any snack combined with a glass of juice or soda is now available on their new menu for ₹200 with a free beverage. Customers can completely choose not to use our buy-on-board service.

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Aiming To Reduce Emission

snack policy IndiGo
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IndiGo announced in its second ESG report from the previous year that it has met its aim of reducing emissions by 18 per cent by the end of the target period (FY 2015–16 to FY 202–23). It also stated that it was expanding its efforts to protect the environment and the climate as well as taking part in several social projects.

In 2022, IndiGo joined the Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) programme of the World Economic Forum. By 2030, the effort wants to incorporate 10 per cent SAF into every aircraft fuel. On February 18, 2022, Airbus delivered the airline’s first aircraft using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Additionally, it began adopting environmentally friendly equipment in place of the typical APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) utilisation on the ground, which assisted in cutting APU ATF usage by APUs by 80 per cent.

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Though cans might lower the contribution to ocean waste, they have their eco-price. Production of each can pump twice as much carbon as each plastic bottle.

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