No Heatwave But Mumbaikars, Brace Up For A Sweaty, Hot March As Temperatures May Soar To 38°C

by Shreya Ghosh
No Heatwave But Mumbaikars, Brace Up For A Sweaty, Hot March As Temperatures May Soar To 38°C

It is only the second day of March and many Indian cities have already started suffering from the scorching sweaty weather. The summer season has already entered India and there have been a few heatwave warnings as well in February. If this is the scenario at the beginning of the year, we can only imagine what will happen during the mid-year. March is going to be sweaty in this unbearable humid weather. Here’s how Mumbai’s weather will be in the ongoing month.

Mumbai To Get Warmer During March

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Gone are those days when March was supposed to be a cosy month with pleasant weather; the perfect timing to bid final goodbye to the winter season and welcome summers. But things are changing because of climate change and global warming and the temperature is soaring badly this month. The Indian Meteorological Department officials shared that Mumbai will be getting warmer during the first week of March.

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The officials also shared details about how much the temperature will soar. As per reports, the maximum temperature in the first week will be about 4°C-5°C more than usual. Sushma Nair, a scientist from the IMD, shared that the daily maximum temperature to stay between 33°C to 36°C, as reported by The Indian Express. It can even soar up to 38°C in some places in Maharashtra such as Jalgaon and Nashik.

The Temperature May Take A Dip As Well!

According to the most recent reports, there are no chances of any heatwave in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra during March. With such a rise in temperature, no heatwave is a bit of a relief. Another good news is that there are also chances for the daily temperature to decrease by 1°C-2°C on or after 5 March 2023.

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Mahesh Palawat is a weather expert from Skymet Weather Services and he shared that there are chances of rainfall in Mumbai soon. As reported by The Indian Express, Mahesh Palawat stated that Mumbai may experience light to moderate rainfall sometime between 5 March and 7 March. In fact, there is a possibility that places such as Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Raigad, and Vidarbha may experience rainfall.

Mumbaikars, hydrate yourself and stay safe!

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