Some Regions Of India Are Already Experiencing Heatwave Warnings & It’s Only February

by Shreya Ghosh
Some Regions Of India Are Already Experiencing Heatwave Warnings &  It’s Only February

It’s just February and it seems like summer has already entered some parts of India. Usually, most regions enjoy a cool climate during this time of the year, but things are a bit different this year. A few places in the country are already feeling that irresistible heat of the summer season and these places also got heatwave warnings recently. The summer season has not even started yet and the scorching heat has arrived already.

These Places In India Have Relayed Heatwave Alerts

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The India Meteorological Department recently addressed a heatwave warning in some regions of Maharashtra on Monday and Tuesday. The warning is for the Raigad district and Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. We are just in the last week of February and it is quite surprising to see some places in India getting heatwave alerts already. The weather conditions in these Maharashtra districts are drastically different from many places in India where people are still enjoying the cold and soothing weather for a few more days.

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How Is The Weather Condition In Different Parts Of India?

Though only the Raigad and Ratnagiri districts of Maharashtra got these heatwave warnings, many parts of India have already started getting heated up. The summer season has already made a scorching comeback in several parts of Gujarat as well. Some places in both Gujarat and Maharashtra are witnessing the daily temperature to be around 36°C. This is very unlikely for the temperature to be this high during February as it is generally much lesser as seen in the past years.

Delhi also saw a rise in temperature in the month of February. The temperature reached 31.5°C on Sunday. Not only during the day, but the temperature was also quite higher than usual at night. It was about 10°C more than what Delhites usually experience in February. Places like Haryana and Punjab also reported a record temperature recently. It is about 5°C higher than usual.

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Even hill stations are experiencing unusual heat and high temperatures already. The India Meteorological Department stated that places such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Uttarakhand recorded about 6°C-11°C more than average temperature. A cold place like Shimla just experienced a day of 23.2°C and interestingly, this is the hottest February that Shimla saw in the last 17 years.

It seems that 2023 will be a lot about heatwave alerts and unbearable heat. Stay hydrated and indoors as much as possible.

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