No Water At This UK Resort’s Holiday Park Over The Weekend; Guests Unable To Use Toilets Or Showers

by Shreya Rathod
No Water At This UK Resort’s Holiday Park Over The Weekend; Guests Unable To Use Toilets Or Showers

Water is an important resource and life without it would be impossible! The guests at the UK’s holiday resort experienced this. The Parkdean Resorts holiday park witnessed a water problem over the weekend. And the guests were facing inconvenience due to this. Here is everything you need to know about the water crisis at the Cresswell Towers property.

Water Shortage At UK’s Holiday Park

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Credits: Parkdean Resorts/ Website

Guests at Parkdean Resorts holiday park report that a weekend water outage prevented them from using the restrooms. Since Saturday afternoon, there have been issues at the Cresswell Towers property in Northumberland, making it impossible to use the showers or do the dishes, which led to the restaurant’s inability to serve food or beverages.

Parkdean Resorts has expressed regret for the circumstance. The Independent reported that the issue was related to water supply to the park and it was out of the company’s control.

Lorraine Lowrey, who was staying at the park, stated that the problem absolutely ruined her holiday. She further added that it was school holidays for kids and they were upset! In fact, they weren’t able to shower after visiting the beach. And there was no food on site!

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Guests Faced Inconvenience Due To No Water

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Credits: Parkdean Resorts/ Website

She further said that visitors were “going crazy” at the front desk. In fact, she had not been given any advance notice of the concerns, despite a staff member allegedly telling her that they had been going on all last week. Parkdean Resorts authorities denied any such claims.

As per the statement by a spokesperson of the holiday resort, unfortunately, they had a water shortage in the park due to circumstances beyond their control. They were exerting every effort to find a rapid solution to the problem. Further, they expressed regret to the visitors for the inconvenience and made nice gestures by giving away free bottled water.

There have been a lot of places where water is unavailable. And with the rising population and limited resources, the water shortage problem is increasing!

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Comment below and share if you have ever been in a similar situation during your holidays. Also, give us your opinion on the water crisis on the planet.

Cover Image Courtesy: Parkdean Resorts/ Website