Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim Shares Pic Of Lavish Punjabi Thali; Says, “Indian Food Is Simply The Best”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim Shares Pic Of Lavish Punjabi Thali; Says, “Indian Food Is Simply The Best”

Foreign diplomats to India have often taken to social media to rave about their Indian food adventures. From German Ambassador to India, Dr Philip Ackermann gorging on desi mangoes to the US ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti feasting on a Maharashtrian platter, they can’t have enough of our delicious meals. This time, Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim shared a picture of a lavish Punjabi thali. And even said that he feels Indian food is simply the best.

Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim Can’t Have Enough Of Punjabi Food

Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a picture of a delicious Punjabi thali, fit for an army. Served on a massive steel thali we could spot over 20 dishes served in tiny bowls. And there was another separate plate with what looked like desserts. In his caption, @ErikSolheim said he finds Indian food to be simply the best. And said that the picture was of a Punjabi thali. 

In the picture, we could spot the quintessential Kadhi Pakodi, Rajma Curry, Sirke Wala Pyaaz, Aloo Jeera, Dal, Dahi, Biryani, rice, Chur Chur Naan, paneer curry, lassi, chass, curd, Sarson Ka Saag and delicious pickles and chutneys. There’s also a plate of pani puri kept on the side. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s a thali of sweets at the back with gulab jamun, jalebi, kheer and more.

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Netizens Salivate Over The Deliciousness!

Frankly speaking, just feasting your eyes on this Punjabi thali pic would leave you feeling satiated. After all it’s so lavish and magnanimous that you’d actually need an army to help you finish it. We wonder if Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim ended up polishing it by himself or if he needed some extra help!

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Meanwhile, trust desi Netizens to flood the comments section with memes, GIFs and opinions about desi khaana. One person commented that they feel South Indian thali is better than Punjabi thali. Another person joked that the thali is fit for 5 people and not for one person. And many other netizens lauded the thali for looking yummy and mouthwatering.

Well, does Erik Solheim’s Punjabi thali have you craving one too?

Cover Image Courtesy: @ErikSolheim/ X (formerly Twitter)