Not Bali, You Can Experience A Giant Swing In Mumbai With Stunning Mountain Views

by Vinita Jain
Not Bali, You Can Experience A Giant Swing In Mumbai With Stunning Mountain Views

The craze for swinging in Bali is a never-ending affair. The giant swings of Bali are always exciting for adventure enthusiasts. Imagine swaying and sliding in lush forests, rice fields, river valleys, breathtaking cliffs, and getting the thrills, adrenaline rush. But to experience these thrills of gigantic swings, you do not need to book expensive Bali tickets. You can do it in a village near Mumbai. Read on to know more about the Monteria Village.

Monteria Village Is 2 Hours From Mumbai

Monteria Village is located in Khalapur, Raigad district, which is just a 2-hour drive from Mumbai and Pune. It promises to offer you a traditional and holistic village vibe. Monteria Village also offers many other activities like swimming, hammock lounging, delicious local cuisines, folk performances, and art activities like bamboo and cart weaving.

You can surely plan a small weekend getaway to Monteria Village on the outskirts of town and witness their art, culture, and a bunch of activities also. You can find the simple pleasures of being in a stress-free environment.

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The Giant Swings

Well along with various other interesting activities in Monteria Village swinging on the giant swings should be on your bucket list.  If you are a adventurous, you must definitely opt for the biggest swing here. Trust us, they are surely going to be thrilling experience. To keep you safe and secure they’ll buckle up you and will also give you a helmet to wear.  Don’t forget to shout your hearts out when you’re above 15 feet ground the ground, it genuinely feels like you’re in the mountains.

The giant swings giving you Bali vibes are quite affordable, so bookmark this place for the next weekend.

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