Not Goa, But Dubai Is On The Radar Of Russians Looking For A Holiday; Here’s The Reason Why

by Anupriya Mishra
Not Goa, But Dubai Is On The Radar Of Russians Looking For A Holiday; Here’s The Reason Why

Dubai is a multicultural city that is known for offering something for everybody. From luxurious hotels to exquisite restaurants and services curated for the ultimate holiday experience, there is something for every traveller in the emirate. And in a recent report, it was revealed that rich Russian travellers are preferring to travel to Dubai over Goa. Here is more about, this travel-related development.

Rich Russians Are Preffering Dubai Over Goa

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In a recent report by CNBCTV 18, it was revealed that high-spending Russians are preferring Dubai over Goa. Yes, this was also reiterated by the Goa Tourism Minister, Rohan Khaunte in the assembly on August 4. Therein he mentioned that there is an emerging trend in which countries like the US, UAE, South Korea, Germany, and Japan are seeing a rise in outbound tourists. As a result, many wealthy Russians are taking a holiday in Dubai. This is, however, not a new development! As previously, in a report of Skift back in 2022, it was mentioned that destinations like Dubai and the Maldives have become a safe haven for Russians who want to escape the country.

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Is There Any Reason Behind The Trend?

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As it happens, it was also revealed that around 1,15,000 Russian tourists picked Dubai for a holiday! Yes, in fact in January 2023, they were also the second-largest inbound travellers in the emirate which is about 63% higher than the previous year. And it seems that this trend continues to rise. However, it’s hardly surprising, as previously in another report by Skift, it was revealed that this rise also happened when Moscow invaded Ukraine, many Russians wanted to seek a safe haven outside their country in order to safeguard themselves from the heavy sanctions imposed by the US and other allies.

Not to mention, there are many excellent opportunities for tourists in Dubai. From fantastic indoor arenas to pristine beaches and an extensive array of services that people can purchase. Moreover, it’s home to global brands, which means it’s a great shopping destination for the tourist as well. So this in a way explains why the rich Russian tourists were picking Dubai as a holiday destination.

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