Not Rasgulla Or Bikaneri Bhujia, This Dish Wins The Most Popular GI Award

by Sanmita A
Not Rasgulla Or Bikaneri Bhujia, This Dish Wins The Most Popular GI Award

Rasgulla, Bikaneri Bhujia and 17 other food items from across the country were in competition to receive the GI popularity award. Hyderabad’s famous haleem took the award took the most popular GI award. Haleem is a famous food item, from Hyderabad, which is known across the country for its taste and flavour. And not, surprisingly, Haleem very much won the most popular GI award in the food category. Here’s everything you need to know about this award —

Haleem Wins GI Award


Haleem received the award after being voted by foodies from India and international audiences too. As per news reports, Haleem won the GI Award after winning a majority of the votes. The voting, on the GI tag food, took place between the time of August and October. This dish is made of different kinds of meat, based on the type people prefer. Mostly, Haleem is made from mutton, but now versions of chicken have also been introduced.

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About Haleem

Haleem is usually made from meat and lentils, wherein the meat is presented in a mashed form and garnished with lemon. The dish is found in every corner of the city, especially during the Ramadaan. It is super high in calories and as per multiple news reports, it is the first non-vegetarian dish from the country to receive the GI Tag. This tag enables the city of Hyderabad to sell it as Haleem. This means no other entity can sell the Haleem as Hyderabadi Haleem. The award was given by Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry. The GI award was received by the MA Majeed, from Pista House.

We’re sure you too, will love this food item that received the most popular GI award. Let us know what do you think of Haleem & where you have tasted the best version of it.

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