Now Enjoy 50% Discount On Grocery At Dubai’s Souk Al Marfa

by Deeplata Garde
Now Enjoy 50% Discount On Grocery At Dubai’s Souk Al Marfa

The festive occasion of Eid Al Adha is around the corner. UAE residents can get discounts on groceries to celebrate the festive spirit. Wondering where can we snatch the best deals and save on food bills? Well, read on, and you can thank us later. Souk Al Marfa is hosting the Mega Grocery Sale starting from 9th to 19th June 2022.

50% Off On Grocery Deals At Souk Al Marfa During Eid

It’s a steal deal on Spices, rice, detergents, shampoo, cleaning goods, and other groceries and household items. Buy them with up to 50% off. You don’t have to limit to just one brand because Safco, Omega Spices, Choithrams, Falcon, and others are all participating. You can save up to 50% off on a variety of things during this sale, including clothes, electronics, perfume, cosmetics, and more. This offer begins on June 23 and lasts for 16 days, finishing on July 9.

Stop worrying about sweating roaming around so many stores. You don’t have to fret because the souk is fully air-conditioned and indoors.
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Take notice that Souk Al Marfa’s hours have changed. It will be operational from 12 pm to 12 am Sunday through Thursday. And on weekends the souk is open between 2 pm to 2 am (Friday) and 12 pm to 2 am (Saturday).

Transportation Cost Is The Culprit For Increase In Groceries Pricing

Transportation and distribution industries, according to a Dubai-based food dealer, will face the burden of the gas cost increase. Costs of daily essentials including fresh milk, bread, yoghurt, and other similar things could rise in the F&B sector. The reason is their distribution needs chilled vehicles, which consume extra fuel. Because the majority of food consumption in the UAE gets usually imported, food prices are certain to grow when transport prices increase.

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