Now Enjoy Coffee And Croissants At First Croissanterie In Dubai

by Ishita Agarwal
Now Enjoy Coffee And Croissants At First Croissanterie In Dubai

Croissants are the best choice for a morning meal. Add a hot beverage like coffee or tea, and your morning will be complete. You may get them in both sweet and savoury varieties. Croissants have always been a favourite, whether plain or stuffed with chocolate or ham or anything else. Come to the first croissanterie in Dubai and let the aroma of buttery, freshly baked pastries induce severe hunger. Yes, now you have this fantastic place to start your amazing day. Let’s check out more about this place. 

Flaky Pastry Is The First Croissanterie In Dubai 

The incredibly adorable, super stylish croissanterie with the apt moniker Flaky Pastry is currently operational at City Walk Boulevard. Jaiveer Singh Dhingra and Montana Skye Ross, partners who formerly worked at FIVE, one of Dubai’s favourite party hotels, own and operate Flaky Pastry.

At Flaky Pastry, where the emphasis is on crafting unique croissants and Viennoiseries, many of which have never been seen in Dubai, things are quieter. The two were motivated to open their own restaurant and store after seeing that the UAE lacked gourmet laminated dough ideas (yep, it’s the correct phrase for croissants).

A display kitchen is at the heart of Flaky Pastry since the owners also wanted to demonstrate to Dubai’s foodies how such pastries are really prepared. The best part about this place is that you can see the creation of pastries, croissants, and viennoiseries. 


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What Else Makes This Place So Cool In Dubai 

Along with serving the traditional croissants that Dubaiers are familiar with and like, Flaky Pastry also offers speciality coffee, a variety of vegan options, and gourmet croissants created from 15 sweet and savoury doughs.

With choices for indoor and outdoor sitting, Flaky Pastry can accommodate more than 50 people at once, so all you need to do is pick up your favourite gourmet croissant and a cup of coffee before finding a cosy area.

You cannot wait to visit this place, right? Well, we can understand. You can visit Flaky Pastry every day from 8 am to 8 pm. However, this will soon change from 7 am to 10 night. 

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