Now Fly Directly From Abu Dhabi To Kuwait In Air Arabia From This Date

by Deeplata Garde
Now Fly Directly From Abu Dhabi To Kuwait In Air Arabia From This Date

Air Arabia is the biggest MENA low-cost airline nationwide. And now it would be serving a new direct route i.e. Abu Dhabi to Kuwait. Yes, you can skip the hassle of travelling on connecting flights. The flights will commence on 31st October 2022.

Book Tickets For Abu Dhabi To Kuwait With Air Arabia

The airline is accepting reservations now. Now, travellers can book direct flights between Kuwait and Abu Dhabi on the Air Arabia website. If not, you can directly call the centre for enquiry. It’s always hassle-free to go check with travel agencies. But be cautious with travel scams.

At 9.05 a.m., the daily flight will leave Abu Dhabi and touch down in Kuwait. At 10.30 am. It will depart Kuwait and arrive in Abu Dhabi at 1.10 pm.

Kuwait City has been added to the Air Arabia route now. The airline’s dedication to assisting Abu Dhabi’s travel and tourism industry is clearly reflected in the network. They are offering clients a brand-new, reasonably priced way to commute between the two cities.

Air Arabia Has Been Serving From 2020

Air Arabia is continually focusing to provide its customers with great quality service. The airline is moving forward with its expansion goal. At present, Air Arabia has successfully extended to 26 routes. This is inclusive of direct flights to Kuwait, Beirut, Egypt, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nepal, Sudan, Pakistan, Oman, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Georgia.

The fleet has increased from just two Airbus A320 aircraft at launch to eight additional aircraft as of today. The aeroplane has 174 seats, making it one of the most comfortable economy cabins. Air Arabia provides the most spacious seat pitches. Additionally, SkyTime, a complimentary in-flight streaming service, is available on the aircraft.

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