Now Open, Royal Mansour Casablanca Is Tribute To A Rich History And Rebirth Of A Legendary Palace

Royal Mansour Casablanca opens in Morocco honouring an alluring identity of the White City.

by Shreya Rathod
Now Open, Royal Mansour Casablanca Is Tribute To A Rich History And Rebirth Of A Legendary Palace

The Royal Mansour in Marrakech has come to symbolise an extraordinary way of life. distinct, superior, and unmatched. Now, a second location—in the centre of Casablanca, Morocco’s liveliest city—expresses this concept of hotel excellence. The renowned Palace from the 1950s resurrected with the opening of the Royal Mansour Casablanca, honouring the alluring identity of the White City.

Royal Mansour Casablanca In Morocco

Following eight years of construction, the modernist silhouette resurfaces at 27 Avenue des Forces Armées Royales, faithfully emulating the building’s glory. A new story begins and the legend continues with 149 rooms, suites, private apartments, spa and fitness areas on two floors, 3 restaurants including a 23rd-floor one with a 360° view over the city and the ocean, a conference centre and a ballroom!

Preserving a precious architectural legacy with the utmost care for the remembrance of a millennium-old city. The Royal Mansour Casablanca is a living example of a rich heritage that has endured, revitalising a significant location in the city and the hearts of Casablanca residents.

The Royal Mansour has faithfully revived all the characteristics of the 1950s modernist architecture, with the magnificent staircase, sophisticated furniture, and lush foliage filling the volumes of the original patio. This is 70 years after the opening of Casablanca’s first five-star hotel. The most stringent building regulations are adhered to in terms of sustainability, accountability, safety, and technology, all the while maintaining the traditions.

Panoramic Lift, Welcoming Ambience And Generous Service

In addition to magnificent rooms and breathtaking views, the hotel features a two-story panoramic lift that rises to the twenty-third level, providing a distinctive perspective of the city’s many neighbourhoods while overlooking the Atlantic.

The Royal Mansour Casablanca embodies the essence and character of the hotel by fusing a distinctive aesthetic with a welcoming ambience and impeccable, generous service. Further, elegant marble, noble wood inlay, luxurious fabrics, custom light fixtures, and an uncommon assortment of artwork adorn the rooms and suites.

The White City’s rise to prominence in the global travel scene coincides with the establishment of the Royal Mansour Casablanca. Morocco’s economic capital is a cutting-edge destination that is seeing an amazing metamorphosis in exuberance and delight.

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Far from déjà vu, Casablanca astonishes and captures the essence of a real, pleasure-seeking modern Morocco, where the old Medina customs mix with commerce, art, and culture as well as a festive spirit.

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