Scientists Unearth Trails Of 90,000-year-old Human Footprints In Morocco; Details Inside

A team of scientists uncovered around 90,000-year-old human footprints.

by Shreya Ghosh
Scientists Unearth Trails Of 90,000-year-old Human Footprints In Morocco; Details Inside

What’s more interesting; finding what you are looking for or discovering something different all of a sudden? Well, I will say coming across something unexpected is the most interesting and surprising too. Just recently, a group of scientists was surprised to uncover a human footprint site quite unexpectedly. What was this research all about and when did they discover the footprint? Let’s get to know all the details here.

Scientists Discovered A Footprint Site In Morocco

Human Footprints
Picture credit- ResearchGate

A group of scientists were working on research in Morocco where they suddenly found this much-talked-about site. The archaeological finding goes long long back to 90,000 years. Right now, the ancient human footprint site is known as one of the world’s largest trackways discovered ever. According to a report by The Times of India, this magnificent finding by the scientists is regarded as the best-preserved trackways discovered.

Information about the research has been revealed in a publication in the journal Scientific Reports. It was back in 2022 when the researchers found the ancient footprint site near the northern tip of North Africa. The moment of unearthing the archeological wonders was surely a special, surprising, and fascinating one as it was quite a sudden adventure and was initiated by Mouncef Sedrati, the lead author. He is also a coastal dynamics and geomorphology associate professor at France’s University of Southern Brittany.

The team found 85 ancient human footprints in 2 trails. Recalling the uncovering of this human footprint site, he revealed how he directed his team to head to the North side to explore a beach. And that is where they discovered the first part of their massive ancient finding. Soon, they were able to uncover more footprints on the discovered trackway.

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Get To Know More About The Research Process Of Finding Human Footprints

Human Footprints
Picture credit- ResearchGate

The research led to the discovery of something unexpected and indeed remarkable. The scientists used optically stimulated luminescence dating to understand how a multigenerational group of Homo sapiens travelled on this beach about 90,000 years ago. To get detailed information about the footprints, they measured their length, depth, size, and foot pressure. All this necessary information helped them to identify that children, young, and adults were at the beach back in the Late Pleistocene.

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Isn’t it an exceptional discovery?

Cover Image Courtesy: ResearchGate

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