Now Pay Government Fees In UAE With Mobile Application And Bank Transfer

by Deeplata Garde
Now Pay Government Fees In UAE With  Mobile Application And Bank Transfer

Local authorities levy fees for several operations and services to pay for development and support, according to the UAE government’s official website, fees fall under the category of Government Fees in UAE. Earlier the government had released an E-platform for the payment of these fees. But a new circular suggests specific changes in the payment system.

Pay Government Fees Online

E-Dirham, the E-platform to pay government fees, was ruled out after usage. Individuals suggested a better payment mode than the previous one after facing specific issues. Hence after checking the aforementioned services, they concluded that new methods of payment are required.

Following the implementation of a federal corporation tax on business profits, Dubai will consider lowering service fees on commercial operations to further improve the economic condition of the emirate.

But what are the government fees in UAE?

  1. Road tolls
  2. Knowledge fee
  3. Innovation fee
  4. Housing fees

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The federal government agencies will eventually stop using the E-Dirham portal as a mode of payment for their service fees. According to the Ministry of Finance, the action would be initiated over the following three months.


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What Are The Newly Introduced Modes Of Payment?

Users can now make payments for government operations using any of the several forms of payment allowed in the UAE. This statement was released from the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.

The change was made to give customers more straightforward, more adaptable, and more effective payment options following their requests and recommendations.

Below is the list of newly introduced modes of payment

  1. Direct debit
  2. Credit cards
  3. Samsung Pay
  4. Apple Pay
  5. Bank transfers

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