Now You Can Book An Extra Seat On Akasa Air Flights Ensuring More Comfort & Privacy

This introduction focuses on providing enhanced comfort and privacy to passengers.

by Shreya Ghosh
Now You Can Book An Extra Seat On Akasa Air Flights Ensuring More Comfort & Privacy

Every airline’s biggest priority is to focus on passengers’ conveniences and provide them with enhanced travel experiences on all journeys. Airlines often introduce new initiatives, plans, and strategies to offer improved services and influence people to choose them among the vast options. Started operating in August 2022, Akasa Air just announced its ‘Extra Seat’ option, allowing passengers to book an additional seat and enjoy more privacy.

Akasa Air Launched Extra Seat Option For Travellers

Akasa Air Extra Seat
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The Indian airline is back with an exciting launch. This time, it announced the ‘Extra Seat’ option for interested passengers. This initiative offers a great opportunity for travellers to book an adjacent seat next to their seats. The primary reason behind this latest introduction is to provide better comfort and more privacy to everyone on board flights.

The airline released a press release stating that this launch “underscores Akasa Air’s focus on providing a tailored and warm flying experience.” It is a significant step taken to provide enhanced services to passengers so that they can enjoy their personal space. The best part is that the feature of booking an extra seat is available on domestic and international flights.

This introduction focuses on meeting the demands of passengers and their diverse choices and preferences. If flyers book the next seat on an Akasa Air flight, they will be able to travel and enjoy the journey in an ecosystem of elevated privacy. Also, they will get additional space to just relax and chill en route to their destinations. Akasa Air started the extra seat facility as one of its many services to provide the best flying experiences.

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How Can Passengers Book An Adjacent Seat?

Akasa Air Extra Seat
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Availing the extra seat option is simple. Interested travellers can enjoy an elevated experience on both domestic and international journeys by selecting this service on the Akasa Air app, the official website, contacting the Akasa Care Centre, and contacting the ticketing counter at airports. Another great advantage of this exciting offering is allowing passengers to get an extra baggage allowance of 10 kg.

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Have you travelled with Akasa Air before? If yes, how was your experience?

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