Now you Can Skydive In Rajasthan’s Neemrana To Satiate Your Adrenaline Rushes

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 1081

If you are an adventure junky staying in Delhi NCR or Rajasthan, we have great news for you. Now, you will not have to go all the way to Dubai to experience skydiving as you can now do it in Neemrana. Yes, a desi firm Modair has introduced this aero sport in the gorgeous town of Neemrana in Rajasthan. Apart from sky diving, the firm will offer some exciting air experiences such as cockpit flying and adventure flying.

The Aircrafts Will Fly West From Neemrana For Aero Sports

Modair has already added 15 small aircraft including 5 Cessna-172 to its stable. These aircraft reach a height of 10000 ft from where parachuters dive from aircraft for aero sports. According to reports, the firm has also ordered 10 P2006T aircraft of Italian firm Tecnam, and their main base is the Aligarh Airport. The aircraft will fly west from Neemrana for aero sports towards Bhiwani and Hisar. Did You Know Bear Grylls Battles Back Pain Everyday After 25-Year-Old Skydiving Accident In Zambia?

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This New Offering Will Boost Adventure Air Tourism In India

Modair has already introduced a large range of offerings and they are coming up with many more for all the travel connoisseurs. Modair hopes to give a boost to the tourism sector hard-hit by the pandemic. Now, Indians will no longer have to travel abroad for adventure air tourism. Recently, the Indian government also launched a campaign “Dekho Apna Desh” to boost domestic tourism and revive the economy. In the quest to revive the economy, Modair launched adventure tourism services.

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We are super excited about this experience. What about you?

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