Now You Can Travel To These Countries Without Any Quarantine

by Sanmita A
Now You Can Travel To These Countries Without Any Quarantine

The Covid-19 restrictions were strict during the last two years of the pandemic. Travellers were required to carry negative RT-PCR tests, vaccination certificates and even quarantine for a few days before they could travel to a city or country. But now, by February 2022, there are many European and South Asian countries which have lifted Covid-19 restrictions entirely and even quarantine rules.

Take a look at these countries which have no strict quarantine rules at the moment –

1. Thailand

Thailand lifted quarantine rules and other Covid-19 restrictions last year in October. And from then onwards, this city has been receiving tourists from more than 18 countries, including India. Vaccinated travellers can avoid the mandatory test and the quarantine. However, the travellers who are unvaccinated will either have to go through quarantine or complete an RT-PCR test.

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2. Maldives

Maldives is mostly preferred by Indian celebrities and stars to rush to whenever it is time to vacation. And, needless to say, travellers are definitely allowed on the island without any quarantine.

3. Turkey

Turkey has mostly eased Covid-19 restrictions and quarantine rules for its tourists. If you’re vaccinated, you can enter the country without any quarantine. And, tourists will also no longer need an RT-PCR test to enter Turkey.

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4. Italy

If you’re active on social media, you’d know how frequently Indian celebrities are visiting Italy and shooting there. Although there were certain Covid-19 rules that had to be followed by tourists, from June 1, the country has scrapped all Covid-19 and quarantine rules and all tourists irrespective of their vaccination status can enter Italy.

5. Belgium

Belgium is also another country which has scrapped its quarantine rules and allowed all travellers to enter the country. But, if the traveller is travelling from a country with a virus outbreak at its peak, then the travellers have to take prevention measures.

Other countries which have no quarantine rules are Nepal, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, and even Japan. Although, Japan still has some rules and regulations in place. Apart from those, Bali, Mauritius, Vietnam, and Sweden are allowing travellers with vaccination certificates to stay or visit the country without quarantine.

But, make sure, you check all the quarantine and covid-19 rules and regulations of a city or a country before you plan a trip.

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