10 Offbeat Gins In India To Try & Ultimately Add To Your Home Bar!

by Tejashee Kashyap
10 Offbeat Gins In India To Try & Ultimately Add To Your Home Bar!

It’s no new news that India is witnessing a gin revolution. The white spirit has seen phenomenal growth in consumers having a special affinity for brands that use local ingredients, limited edition flavours, and more. Besides the first Indian modern gin, Greater Than, and the OGs like Japanese Roku gin, and the all-time favourite Hendrick’s, there are many more interesting and offbeat ones from around the world that deserve a sip. Be it a house party or a quiet sip alone, these are the gins you would fancy for your home bar.

While blue and pink gins will continue to fascinate us, these lesser-known gins are even available in India and worth trying:

1. Boodles British Gin


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Why: Dare we talk about gins and not include a British brand? For your formal and premier occasions, this one will only elevate your bar offerings. This dry gin gives a hint of spice and earthiness, albeit subtly.

Cost: ₹4999 for 700ml (Mumbai); ₹2800 (Gurgaon)

2. Tickle


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Why: Its distinctive packaging is what will strike you first. When you pour a drink, be sure to be lulled into a unique flavour of tartness and spice, thanks to raw mango, black pepper, and cloves.

Cost: ₹1550 for 750ml (Mumbai);

3. Rives Dry Gin

Gin in India
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Why: You don’t need to travel far and wide to have a taste of botanicals in your drink. A taste of Rives Dry Gin is like travelling the world while tasting botanicals from all around – whether it be Mediterranean juniper, Italian orris root, Belgian angelica root, Bulgarian coriander, Chinese liquorice, Philippine cassia, or Spanish lemon and orange peels.

Cost: ₹2590 for (Delhi)

4. Samsara

Why: Ever given thought that you could craft gin with hemp seeds? When it comes to spirits, hemp is not an obvious flavour. It’s a smooth pink too, and the floral notes from rose petals, vetiver grass, green cardamom and juniper aid to its unique flavour.

Cost: ₹2700 for 700ml (Mumbai)

5. Jin Jiji


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Why: The gin revolution in India is quite a fascinating one. Jin Jiji is another strong contender of this revolution with its floral and citrus notes. Moreover, it’s the herbal infusion of black tea and chamomile flowers that hits the palate just right!

Cost: ₹1,890 (Goa)

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6. Cotswolds Ginger Gin

Why: Cotswolds Ginger Gin, the epitome of a winter gin with its ginger beer finish and the addition of ginger chocolates, root beer, orange zest, and lime peel over fresh juniper, should be included in every collection of gins. The golden-coloured spirit has a flavour profile that is rich and opulent, enhanced by ginger and honey.

Cost: ₹12,900 for 500 ml (Mumbai)

7. Matinee Gin


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Why: With a hint of spice, a burst of citrus and a dash of earthiness, there’s freshness in every sip of Matinee Gin infused with saffron, white turmeric, Goan peppercorn, and Kagzi lime. Moreover, this Indian brand is crafted and started by two women.

Cost: ₹1499 for 700ml (Goa)

8. Pumori


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Why: This old-school bottle really catches your eye. Named after Mount Pumori in Nepal, it has a unique flavour profile because of the 12 botanicals used. You can tell that this is less juniper-forward, with a greater emphasis on the spice in the spirit complemented with a dash of freshness.

Cost: ₹1,750 for 750ml (Goa)

9. Doja


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Why: This newly launched craft gin honours a legacy of two cultures in one sip – Japan and India. There are Indian botanicals like cardamom, coriander, fennel, and peppermint complemented with Japanese botanicals from Wakayama like yuzu lemon, sansho pepper, hinoki chips, and cedar leaf. All of these deliver a pleasing earthiness but citrus-forward.

Cost: ₹ 2,050 for 700 ml (Goa); ₹ 3,700 (Mumbai)

10. Hernö Sloe Gin

Why: With honey and sloe berries, one sip of this spirit will make you feel like you are already sipping an exotic cocktail. Although the dominant flavour profile is sweet, it starts to develop tartness and warmth.

Cost: ₹ 8600 for 500ml (Mumbai)

If these offbeat gins have caught your interest, do let us know which ones would you try first.

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/dojadrinks