Old Delhi Possesses A Secret – Safed Gajar Ka Halwa

by Abhinavanand Singh
Old Delhi Possesses A Secret – Safed Gajar Ka Halwa

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Experience this rare form of Gajar ka Halwa at Shirin Bhavan in Old Delhi.

What Is It?

Shirin Bhavan, a name that is quite famous among the local residents and food enthusiasts, is a place where you can find some rare delicacies and variants of dishes that you’d never have heard of. It sells Barfis and what not, all made of (homemade) pure ghee, all of them as innovative as the Safed Gajar ka Halwa.

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What’s In It?

This unique form of the well-known red-coloured variant of the Gajar ka Halwa is specially made with white carrots, lots of milk, khoya and dry fruits. The white look associated with it is due to the white carrots used as an ingredient for this dish. Very rich in taste (and well, in calories too), this is not the only reason why this shop is famous. There are many other attractions to this outlet.

Sweets like Aloe-Vera Barfi and dishes like Habshi Halwa (another variant of the Halwa made with stuff like clove and a strong dosage of dry fruits) can also be found at this shop. The grated carrots boiled in ample of milk are presented in different varieties and are seen in different disguises. All the dishes are served hot which eventually adds to the overall experience.

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Address: 1466/67, Jama Masjid, Delhi – 110006, Bzr Chitli Qabar
Phone: +91 9818793124, +91 9818223714, +91 9990012282
Cost: ₹50 to ₹600 (as per what all you purchase)


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