Oscar Venue Experienced A Power Outage Before The Ceremony Begins!

by Shreya Ghosh
Oscar Venue Experienced A Power Outage Before The Ceremony Begins!

The Oscars 2023 is all set to take place on 13 March 2023 with all pomp and glory. The entire world is excited and waiting for The Academy Awards to kickstart and the preparations are going on in full swing at the venue. Several media reports are stating that a power outage took place in the robust tourism area of Hollywood Boulevard. It is being reported that the first of these outages was experienced on Saturday afternoon. Read on to know what exactly happened here!

Oscars Venue Just Suffered From Power Failure Ahead Of The Eve Of Ceremony!

Picture credit- Pixabay

The tourism area suffered from quite many power outages ever since the first took place on Saturday afternoon. Ovation Hollywood will be hosting the Oscars 2023 and this place also witnessed the power outage. Right across the 95th Academy Awards venue, the Dolby Theatre, you will find the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This is where eminent guests attending the Oscars are seen getting ready to walk on the prestigious red carpet. And this place too has already suffered from a series of outages ever since 1 pm on Saturday.

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According to a report by Variety, there were many blackouts at the Ovation Hollywood. There were many such instances where many areas of Ovation Hollywood suffered from a complete power failure leading to the places getting totally dark. In fact, the outage extended to the safety offices as well. Things were restored as quickly as possible. At the moment, the preparations for the Oscars are continuing as it was intended and planned to be.

Electricity Issues Were Taken Care Of By 3 PM

The first power blackout was seen at 1 pm on Saturday afternoon. After several blackouts and outages, it took about 3 pm on that day to restore the electricity and solve all the power issues.

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A staff close to the event shared with Variety that the Oscars Awards is putting efforts and working hard to follow more green and sustainable methods for all the celebrations but the power outage shocked everyone out of the blue.

If you are in India, you can enjoy the Oscars beginning at 5:30 AM on 13 March 2023.

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