Our Favourite Noodle Brand, Maggi Has Reached The Metaverse; Launches NFTs In OneRare Foodverse

by Deeplata Garde

Maggi, Maggi, Maggi! We Indians have grown up listening to this jingle. Our life would be so empty without this imperative snack in our childhood. But did you ever think this simple snack will one day be digitised in the form of NFTs? Yes, it’s true that Maggi will now be available in the metaverse or we should call it the Foodverse?

Maggi NFTs Available In OneRare Food Verse


Pic Creds: Press Release

The facade of cooking in India is changing and so is the perspective of the producers of these food brands. India is seeing a digital revolution in cooking. Taking the advantage of this change, Maggi has introduced the OneRare Foodverse’s first-ever Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These are considered part of their most recent virtual world innovation.

Through this collaboration, the famous noodle brand will be able to provide the public with a realistic cooking experience that aims to capture the joy that cooking brings to its audience without really having them cook. The NFTs would take the shape of mouthwatering dishes created with Maggi noodles, Masala-ae-Magic, and MAGGI Hot & Sweet and become reality in the Foodverse.

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The Brand Plans To Evolve In The Digital Space


Pic Creds: Press Release

MAGGI, a pioneer in the culinary industry, has spent more than 40 years in India leading the way in innovation and daring innovation. With a product that appeals to consumers of all ages, MAGGI is now preparing to adopt blockchain technology. This will in turn connect them with its followers and foodies in a brand-new way.

The OneRare Foodverse’s MAGGI NFT launch is a game-changer for the F&B sector. It has helped in establishing new benchmarks for consumer involvement and opening the door for others to follow this example. The brand has always recognised the importance of the community and the feelings that its products evoke. As blockchain technology develops further, MAGGI will find new and creative methods to engage its audience and spread the joy of MAGGI products.

As we all know the metaverse now, OneRare is the first-ever food verse. OneRare is ready to take food into the next era by introducing immersive games, virtual dining experiences, chef encounters, and more

It’s going to be an iconic partnership between these two leading companies.

Cover Image Courtesy: Nestlé