Paisa Paratha: Not Aloo & Gobhi, This Woman Stuffs Paratha With ₹500 And… Wait For The Magic

by Tooba Shaikh
Paisa Paratha: Not Aloo & Gobhi, This Woman Stuffs Paratha With ₹500 And… Wait For The Magic

Parathas are arguably one of the most famous Indian flatbreads. They are also one of the most convenient and versatile of food items. You can stuff them with a variety of fillings. From Aloo and gobhi to cheese and paneer. The only limit for your paratha stuffing is our imagination. This lady decided to do a magic trick and stuff her paratha with a ₹500 note. If this paisa paratha wasn’t surprising enough for you, watch till the end.

Paisa Paratha: Woman Does Magic Trick


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A video was recently uploaded to the popular social media platform Instagram. The video shows a woman stuffing (or investing, geddit?) a ₹500 note inside a paratha. Interesting, right? She then proceeds to grill it on the Tawa.

This is where the magic comes in. When the paratha is ready, she flips it off the pan and peels its layers. You’d expect her to pull out a ₹500 note but no. What she pulls out blew all our minds and made us think that maybe she makes parathas for the Ambanis.

She pulls out a ₹2,000 note! What a magic trick! So if you, too, are looking for investment opportunities, maybe try this paratha trick! 

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Parathas In The Ambani Household?

While you’re slaving away at your day job, this magical aunty is pulling out ₹2,000 notes from her parathas. If only we had the same powers as her, we probably wouldn’t need to work in the first place.

The video was first posted on the 17th of March. It was posted on the popular social media platform by a user called Janu Khan. Ever since it was posted, it has garnered close to 70 thousand likes and even more views.

Many people are commenting on the video giving their surprised and, at times, hilarious reactions to the video. Many have called the bluff shown in the video and are saying that it’s all about the editing. Some have even claimed that the lady switches the dough in between and that’s how she was able to pull out a ₹2,000 note.

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