Twitter User Shares A Thread Of A Manual Worker Launching Paratha Business In Pandemic & It’s Inspiring

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Twitter User Shares A Thread Of A Manual Worker Launching Paratha Business In Pandemic & It’s Inspiring

There are two types of people in the world, ones who are scared of challenges and simply give up and others who convert every challenge into an opportunity. A Twitter user shared a super inspiring story based on similar lines as above. This story is about a manual worker who launches a paratha business during the pandemic and is now inspiring people. 

Manual Worker Launches Paratha Business

Twitter user Mrinal Talukdar shared a very interesting and inspiring story thread about Diganta Das. Diganta was a manual worker in South India’s packaged food industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic he too like many other workers returned back to his hometown. 

He set up small packaged paratha or paratha-making units in Lakhimpur and Biswanath Chariali in Assam during the pandemic. He churned out about 1200 packages every day on average and captured the market from Tezpur to Tinsukia. 

With two partners, machinery and technology all from South India, the team produced the finest quality parathas. Not only did they concentrate on the product, but their packaging was good too. Soon he began capturing a market that was not very keen on trying half-cooked parathas. 

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An Inspiration For Many

Each unit of Paratha run by Diganta Das employs about 10-12 people. Looking at the success achieved by Dighanta and his team, similar units have been set up in Jorhat and Dibrugarh by similar people in partnership. Also, some known brands market their products.

Dighanta Das, a worker-turned-entrepreneur has shown that with hard work, never giving up the spirit, and good partnership one can surely achieve heights in life. He not only came up with a good idea for small-scale entrepreneurship but also helped bring up job opportunities during the pandemic. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @mrinal/Twitter