Travel Time Between Bhopal And Kota To Be Slashed By 50 Km With The New Railway Line

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Travel Time Between Bhopal And Kota To Be Slashed By 50 Km With The New Railway Line

All the commuters out there, here is some good news for you. You can reach Rajasthan’s educational hub in no time from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal. This will be soon possible as a new railway track is being built between these two places. This new track will help reduce the travel time between Bhopal and Kota by 50 km. The work on this project is going quite fast.

New Railway Line Between Bhopal And Kota 

The distance between the two metropolitan cities, Bhopal and Kota, will now be covered in just a few hours. The Ramganjmandi railway line, which will connect the districts of Kota and Jhalawar in Rajasthan with Sehore and Rajgarh, is now under construction. The railway officials said that this new railway line will be completed by next year.

The work of civil construction and laying lines has started between Lalghati and Bhopal stations. It was started by the Bhopal Railway Division. It is said that this new railway line will surely reduce the travel time between Kota and Bhopal by 50 km.

At present the travel distance on the Bhopal-Kota route is 350 Km and it will be reduced to 300 km after the new railway line is thrown open for operations.

pic credits: wikimedia commons

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The Project Was Delayed 

With this new railway line, an additional route will be added for trains to run. It is known that the laying of railway tracks on the Bhopal- Ramganjmandi route is improper. This is why the trains take so long to reach Rajasthan, as they have to take another route.

The Ramganj Mandi-Bhopal route is one of the most important projects under West Central Railway. The new line is 262 Km long. The project saw a lot of delay on the borders of Madhya Pradesh.

This project has been included under Prime Minister’s fastrack projects list and ever since has gained momentum. It had lost its pace because of budget issues. It has by far received ₹800 crores which is the highest allocated to any projects under this section of Indian Railways.

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