Pakistan Govt Issues Flood Warning For Summer Season; Tourism In Swat Suffers

by Tooba Shaikh
Pakistan Govt Issues Flood Warning For Summer Season; Tourism In Swat Suffers

There is a lot of unrest and political turmoil in Pakistan right now. The government has recently increased taxes and the middle class and people from the lower rungs of class are suffering. This means that people who are not that well-off are struggling to pay higher taxes. Furthermore, recently, the Pakistan government issued a flood warning which has impacted the tourism industry. Here are all the details about the event that you need to know.

Pakistan Government Issues A Flood Warning In Swat Valley

Pakistan flood warning
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It seems that there is a lot of unrest in many parts of Pakistan right now. The Pakistani government recently issued a flood warning for Swat Valley. It is a beautiful region with a pristine environment and is a popular tourist spot. People love visiting it for its natural beauty.

However, since the government issued the flood warning, tourists have significantly lessened in numbers owing to concerns regarding safety. This, in turn, has created further problems for the local tradespeople who depend on tourists for their livelihood.

The claim that there is a threat of flooding has been protested by locals. According to an article recently published by the Hindustan Times, a press conference was set up which addressed a number of issues.

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Flooding In Many Parts Of India

Pakistan flood warning
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Some people who addressed the press conference were representatives of the tradespeople who claimed that the river was flowing normally. They also mentioned that there was no threat and that the area was safe for tourists to visit.

Pakistan is not the only country struggling amid heavy rains. India, too, has been a recipient of incessant rains. Many northern parts of the country have been severely affected with Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand bearing the worst of the weather.

Many people have been rendered destitute as the rains washed away the houses of many people. Even Delhi, the national capital, has seen a considerable amount of flooding. Now, it seems that even southern parts of the country are facing heavy rains.

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