Palak Tiwari Calls Herself A Hybrid. Here’s Why!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Palak Tiwari Calls Herself A Hybrid. Here’s Why!

Palak Tiwari became a popular name overnight after her debut in Harrdy Sandhu’s Bijlee Bijlee music video. Since then, paparazzi have been following her like some detectives. So, we also wanted to be little detectives but with consent. Palak Tiwari joined us for this episode of Tere Gully Mein and was interviewed by our anchor, Arohi Thatte. We explored Kandivali’s well-known khau gully, Mahavir Nagar, and the street food here is to die for. They discussed Palak’s mother, Shweta Tiwari, her love for food, her travels, how she spends money, and more.

Palak Tiwari Tagged Herself As A Hybrid

Being the kid of a renowned Hindi TV serial actress, we could not skip the unskippable question of nepotism. We wanted to know what Palak Tiwari’s take on this whole nepotism situation is. Firstly, she accepts her nepotism by saying, “Do I acknowledge my privilege from that? Of course, I do.”

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Palak knows that she is being recognised more in public and understands the fact that this wouldn’t be the case if her mom wasn’t Shweta Tiwari. She told us that even her privilege of nepotism isn’t getting her any active work, for now. Therefore, she goes on to tag herself as a hybrid; she is a nepo but at the same time she is not.

She Is A True Bollywood Fanatic At Heart

Palak Tiwari
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Since childhood, she has been exposed to the world of movies and TV serials. We obviously wanted to know how much of a Bollywood fan she is at the core of her heart. To prove her point, she fully went on to quote her favourite dialogues from movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. They were legit on the tip of her tongue and we were genuinely surprised.

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To enjoy her fluent recital of dialogues, watch the whole video and get to know the quirky Palak Tiwari inside out. Comment down below if you also know any of the dialogues quoted by her.

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