Palash Sen Bought A Motorcycle With His First Paycheck And Savings

His stipend used to be just ₹1,250/month!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Palash Sen Bought A Motorcycle With His First Paycheck And Savings

It is extremely fun to explore a city with someone who has spent years living there and knows it inside out. You get to experience the city in its natural form and this is exactly what our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, experienced when she interviewed Palash Sen for this episode of Tere Gully Mein in Connaught Place, Delhi. Today, we talk about his first paycheck and how he used it to buy a motorcycle for himself.

Palash Sen’s Used His First Paycheck To Buy A Motorcycle

Palash recalled his wedding and how it was all planned in a rush as his then-girlfriend-now-wife’s parents wanted to get them married as soon as possible. During that time, he was new to his profession of being a doctor. He revealed to us that he was paid around ₹1,250/month as a stipend when he got married and didn’t have a stable income. However, he clearly remembers how he used his first paycheck.

Palash told us that he used to live with his parents so there was no major need for spending on day-to-day life. So, he saved up some money and combined his first paycheck of ₹1,250 to buy a motorcycle. He elaborated that he bought a Yezdi motorcycle worth ₹17,000 with his saved-up money and first salary, along with his father’s contribution of ₹4,000.

He mentioned that he had one of the coolest dads, who urged him to buy Yezdi with his first paycheck. We could see he was incredibly proud of his first purchase and it was a memorable memory for him!

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The Craziest Thing He Has Ever Done!

Palash Sen
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Coming back to Palash’s marriage tales, both he and his wife, Shalini Sen, were pursuing careers in medicine and starting in the industry when they got married. He highlighted that he stood by his wife because her parents were pressuring her to get married at an early age. So, he decided to tie the knot without having a stable income, as he didn’t want anyone to say anything or put pressure on his wife back then. He calls this one of the craziest things he has done for love!

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