Check Out China’s First Panda Themed Airplane

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    Sichuan Airlines in China has launched a Panda themed airplane and we just cannot wait for a trip in it!

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    What is it?

    Sichuan Airline’s Panda inspired plane is all set to take you on a Panda inspired journey and mark us when we say it’s going to be a cuteness overload!

    Photo: Sichuan Airline

    The journey begins with passengers being greeted by airport staff wearing Pandas on their uniforms. They drop their luggage at the Panda themed airport counter.

    Photo: Sichuan Airline

    The passengers then board the Airbus A350 connecting Beijing and Chengdu.

    Photo: Sichuan Airline

    What’s in it?

    Think it can’t get any cuter than this? Then wait till you open the meal boxes! The flight serves local dishes served in Sichuan decorated in a way to look like Pandas.

    Photo: Sichuan Airline

    Finish your meal by indulging in one of their cute cupcakes shaped and looking exactly like Pandas.

    Photo: Sichuan Airline

    The airline says it wants to offer a complete panda-inspired journey to its customers from the airport to their meal. The plane’s cabin is decorated with pictures of the three pandas Sichuan Airline adopted from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

    Photo: Sichuan Airline

    What else?

    This panda-themed aeroplane is a part of Sichuan Airline’s initiative called ‘The Panda Route’ to enrich the airline’s domestic and international route network.

    Angel Srivastava
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