Paris Goes Gourmet For Summer Olympics 2024 Food Menu

by Tejashee Kashyap

Apart from the stunning Eiffel Tower, the gourmet food scene is Paris’ speciality. The city boasts a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines, from traditional French dishes to international delicacies. Now with the Summer Olympics 2024 going to be held in Paris, and food will be a major focus.

What’s On The Menu For Paris 2024 Olympics?


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The French food services and facilities management business, Sodexo will be handling the catering for the athletes’ village and other locations. According to an article by the Associated Press, athletes are going to dine gourmet in Paris. With more than 3500 people anticipated to be seated, some of France’s top chefs, including Alexandre Mazzia, have devised an elaborate menu. Think of eccentric dishes like smoked fish sauce and herb-flavoured chickpeas for the Olympic menu.

The key to the task, according to Alexandre Mazzia, whose AM restaurant in Marseille received three Michelin stars, is adding a “fun, gourmet, and healthy” touch to the meals. He demonstrated a dish that included crushed chickpeas, herbs, and smoked fish sauce. Other chefs debuted complex quinoa risottos and chocolate mousse with raspberries, among other items.

The event will be a stage to showcase French gastronomy at its finest. However, the organisers have made it clear that they will not be offering wine or alcohol to the competitors.

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Earlier Olympic Games Food Menu

The menus for the Olympic Games have evolved over time, reflecting changes in culinary trends and cultural preferences. Moreover, the food menus for earlier Olympic Games were often a reflection of the host country’s food culture and available resources, whereas recent menus have increasingly incorporated diverse international cuisines to cater to the growing diversity of athletes and spectators.

For the most recent 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the menus were diverse and included a range of international cuisines. The organizers made a concerted effort to showcase the country’s culinary heritage and promote a healthy, balanced diet for the athletes. In addition, one of the highlights of the menu was the bento boxes, which are a staple of Japanese cuisine. These boxes contained a variety of nutritious and delicious items like rice, fish, chicken, and vegetables.

What do you think of the new menu for Paris 2024 Olympics?

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