Passengers On Mallorca Flight Scream In Desperation As Turbulence Hits Mid-Air

by Shreya Rathod
Passengers On Mallorca Flight Scream In Desperation As Turbulence Hits Mid-Air

Turbulence can be unnerving for first-time flyers. Recently, on a flight over Mallorca, Spain, experienced turbulence and passengers were recorded screaming amid strong gusts and thunderstorms. A dancer, Estela Orts, was one of the passengers, who shared her experience on the flight.

A Mallorca Flight Faced Severe Turbulence!

On July 27, a passenger by the name of Estela Orts, a dancer at the Pirates Adventure Show in Magaluf, uploaded footage of her flight from Alicante to Mallorca, Spain, on her Instagram Story. The video was recorded from her seat and captured the turbulence-induced rattling of the aircraft as other passengers screamed in the background.

She remarked on how she felt born again after the flight in an Instagram Story. She continued by thanking the pilot before disclosing her fear when the jet was in the air. She further wrote that she hoped the pilot would read her story. She thanked the pilot and said that he didn’t have anything to apologise for what happened. This was the first time that she felt like her time had come, but in the end, it was just a scare!

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She added that shortly after takeoff, turbulence seemed both strange and normal for her and her fellow passengers. But the dancer went on to explain how the turbulence intensified before the pilot stabilised it.

Passengers Were Heard Screaming

mallorca flight turbulence
Credits: @estelaorts/ Instagram

The dancer continued by stating she couldn’t help crying, hearing people and children scream, and feeling horrible. Although she was not sure how long that moment lasted, it seemed endless. The plane was like a roller coaster until the pilot was able to stabilise it. Even after things had steadied, no one spoke over the loudspeaker about what was taking place.

Even though the pilot explained for not speaking on the intercom after some time, the traveller said, the explanation seemed reasonable to her. In her post’s conclusion, Estela Orts described how the pilot initially tried to land in Mallorca before ultimately rerouting the aircraft.

They attempted to land but were unsuccessful; after two loops around the island, it was difficult to descend. At that point, they lost sight of the island and began to climb. She further stated that the pilot determined that going back to Alicante was the wisest course of action.

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Therefore, they took off at 10:30 am and landed at 12:36 pm as the flight took only 40 minutes.

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