Passengers Tweeted To Ratan Tata After Air India Mumbai-Doha Flight Was Delayed For 17 Hrs!

by Shreya Rathod
Passengers Tweeted To Ratan Tata After Air India Mumbai-Doha Flight Was Delayed For 17 Hrs!

Air India flights have been in the news — not for good things! Recently, an Air India flight travelling from Mumbai to Doha was delayed by more than 17 hours. The passengers were desperate and the airline staff had no relevant information for them. In fact, people have tagged Ratan Tata while complaining about the flight delay! Here’s what exactly happened with this Air India flight.

Air India Flight From Mumbai To Doha Was Delayed!

On Monday, Air India flight AI 981 from Mumbai to Doha was supposed to leave at 7:30. However, it was delayed by more than 17 hours! According to sources, the plane’s technical problems caused the journey to be delayed, and finding a replacement aircraft has taken longer than expected.

However, the predicament has many travellers angry and hopeless, even families with children. Many people have started complaining on Twitter in an effort to catch the authorities’ attention and have the problem resolved. Some even asked Ratan Tata, the former head of the Tata Group, for assistance.

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Before being acquired by Tata Group in January 2022, Air India was managed by the government for nearly 70 years.

Twitter Users Tagged Ratan Tata!

A Twitter user, Riyan Chougle, wrote that flight AI-981 was scheduled to depart from Doha for Mumbai on June 11 at 23:55 (after being delayed). However, when the passengers arrived at the airport at 7 pm, they were told there would be a one-hour delay. He also added that no further information has been given because the flight hasn’t even departed Mumbai.

Another Twitterati, Sarthak Panchal, stated that the Air India AI 981 passengers were stuck in Mumbai for more than 14 hours without any important details. Moreover, no one was responding to anything and children and the elderly were extremely exhausted. Another passenger said in a video that the Air India crew did not assist them during the delay or respond to any of their questions.

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Many passengers complained that there was hardly any service being offered to the passengers despite the significant delay. In fact, they claimed the situation was made worse by the lack of information from the Air India crew.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & Riyan chougle/ Twitter