Stranded Air India Flight Passengers Will Receive Full Refund & Voucher

stranded Air India flight
by Tooba Shaikh

By now, everyone is aware of the stranded Air India flight AI173 which, owing to technical difficulties, had to make an emergency landing in Magadan in Russia’s Siberia. After all the turmoil that people went through on the flight, Air India has decided to show a rare and extraordinary gesture. They have announced that they will refund the entire ticket amount to the passengers! Not just that, they will also issue vouchers to them for future flights.

Stranded Air India Flight Passengers Will Receive Full Refund

In a rare and sympathetic gesture, Air India recently announced that they will refund the full price of the ticket to all the passengers who were stranded in Russia. In addition to this, special vouchers would be issued to them for future flights.

The airlines said that while they understand that the passengers had to suffer through a rough couple of days, this is the airline’s expression of regret. They also said that while they could not change the past, they hope that this gesture indicates their sincere regret over the incident.

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Passengers Stranded In Russia For Almost 39 Hours

On the 6th of June, an Air India flight took off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport or the IGIA. It was headed to San Francisco in the United States of America or the USA.However, while in air, some major technical glitches were detected in the engine.

According to many reports, had the glitches not been detected, it could have resulted in something disastrous. Given the gravity of the situation, the plane had to make an emergency landing in the town of Magadan in Russia’s Siberia.

There, the 216 passengers and 16 crew members had to suffer through difficulties like issues in accessing food, sleeping spaces, cleanliness, etc. Since Russia was at war with Ukraine, passengers couldn’t even use their credit cards.

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What do you think about this gesture by Air India? Do you think it’s a genuine expression of regret or a mere stunt to retain its passengers? Let us know in the comments below!

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