Air India: 20 People On 1 Mattress, 20+ Hrs Wait; 206 Passengers Are Finally US Bound From Mumbai

by Shreya Rathod
Air India: 20 People On 1 Mattress, 20+ Hrs Wait; 206 Passengers Are Finally US Bound From Mumbai

Air India is one of the oldest aviation companies in India. On June 6, 2023, a technical issue with one of the aircraft’s engines forced an Air India flight carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew members from Delhi to San Francisco to make a U-turn and land at Magadan, Russia (GDX). But, now, the passengers are stranded in an unknown country with inadequate facilities.

Air India Passengers Are Stranded In Russia With Inadequate Facilities!

After diverting the flight, passengers were stranded in Russia’s Magadan. The airline stated that due to the lack of adequate infrastructure near the airport, the passengers and personnel have been relocated to temporary quarters. However, the stranded passengers, including children and the elderly, found it challenging due to communication difficulties, strange food, and temporary accommodations.

According to an NDTV report, passengers had no clarity about the whereabouts of their flight and inadequate facilities. A passenger stated that there are over 230 people and their bags are still in the aircraft. He further added that they were transported to various destinations by buses. Some of the folks laying on mattresses on the floor were transported to a school.

Additionally, the restrooms need improvement and language is a barrier. The local cuisine is different and consists of meat and fish. In fact, some people are surviving only on soup and bread. Medicine is running out for the elderly. However, the Russian authorities were nice and the passengers were accommodated in college dorms.

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The airline company has shared an update that a ferry flight is carrying essentials and a sufficient amount of food.

The Airline Company Issues A Statement

On Wednesday, Air India declared that a replacement aircraft would be dispatched from Mumbai to carry the stranded travellers from Magadan to San Francisco. The airline also guaranteed that the travellers would receive all necessary assistance upon arrival and that they would be given lodging in nearby hostels and hotels.

Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel of the US State Department stated that it was likely that there were Americans on board and that the US State Department was monitoring the situation.

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The alternate flight was permitted to land at Magadan Airport. The Russian aviation regulator said that it was monitoring the aircraft’s technical status after landing there.

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